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Achieve Untapped Beer Flavor Potential

The Revolution is on its way! The No/Lo beer market is flourishing globally, and consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to their first-priority driver of liking: Taste.


We decided to take on the challenge, leading us to create an Evolution of our existing solutions by developing versatile flavor keys that provide depth and authentic flavor to brewed beer bases.

The Only Thing Missing is the Alcohol

Our BeeR’Evolution range is the result of extensive sensory studies mapping out the complex taste directions of the most popular global beers. The modular approach to these flavor solutions enables them to be used stand-alone for fully integrated into your next no/lo-alcohol beverage.

Versatile Yet Easy to Use

Easily add a distinguishing signature twist to your no/lo alcohol beverage with versatile BeeR’Evolution flavor keys.

Cost Efficient

Expand your no/lo alcohol beer profiles on the same base without disrupting your production process.

Consumer Preferred

Deliver the complex, great taste consumers demand with flavor keys expertly crafted through extensive global sensory and insights studies.


Hear from our Expert

Sylvain Lauvaux, Sr. Flavorist – Alcoholic Drinks, shares an detailed overview of how we are providing brewers & technologists versatile building blocks to craft the perfect no/lo beer suited to their regional taste and market preferences.

Hear from our Expert
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of consumers desire to drink with less or no impairment,* increasing demand for no/lo alcohol options


*Firmenich proprietary No/Lo Alcoholic Beer Study with 1500+ consumers across 6 major markets

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