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Vanilla is one of the world’s most popular and universally appreciated flavors. Known to create positive emotions, it is reported to frequently induce feelings of happiness, reassurance and nostalgia.

Vanilla Latte


Flavoring Solutions

Satisfying Your Consumer

Firmenich is passionate about vanilla and we have more than 100 years’ experience working with it. Our Vanilla Touch process represents our know-how in capturing the essence of vanilla to provide the most authentic flavor for our customers. We consider all aspects from the origin of the crops to the bean type in order to make sure the vanilla is the best fit for our customer’s requested application.

How We Create Winning Vanilla Products

Firmenich’s leadership in global sourcing, controlled curing and extraction processes delivers:


  • High vanillin concentration

  • New fractions

  • Unique flavor profiles

  • New taste compounds

  • Better quality and control

  • Higher cost-effectiveness

The World of Vanilla

Our vanilla originates from a wide variety of sources (Madagascar, Uganda, Indonesia, India, Papua New Guinea) and species (mainly Planifolia and Tahitensis). This diversity allows us to benefit from a great variety of bean qualities and flavor profiles. Additionally, because Firmenich flavor experts are present at the source in various countries, we can help to ensure the best security of supply. Our engagement also promises cost-effectiveness due to the way we efficiently control the raw material from source to fork. By rethinking our entire vanilla palette, we developed a unique range of natural flavors that offer an authentic taste profile, while meeting the market’s expectations for clean label and natural.


Responsible & Sustainable Sourcing

Working alongside cooperatives and suppliers, we value responsible and sustainable sourcing programs. Working closely with our strategic partner in Madagascar, we have sourced the world’s first Rainforest Alliance Certified™ vanilla beans and today our palette comprises both Organic and Fair Trade extracts and flavors. We have a fundamental understanding of the fragility of the vanilla eco-systems and the surrounding communities. This is why we are dedicated to working with local actors at the source. Firmenich can ensure 100% traceability. Our objective has always been to deliver the best quality vanilla with the highest level of control, and we have developed the most advanced methods for curing and extraction. Our multiple processes allow us respond to stringent demands with a multitude of quality extracts and flavor profiles. For cost-effectiveness, local compliance and service excellence, we process our beans in the United States and Europe, and 100% of our extracts are produced on our vanilla extraction sites to secure quality and traceability.

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