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Firmenich Studio, a new One-Stop Online Customer Experience


Making tailored fragrance & taste creation smarter, faster and easier than ever – in just a few clicks.


A first for the Fragrance & Flavor industry, we are introducing Firmenich Studio, a fully personalized digital platform connected to our exclusive suite of Firmenich resources. Firmenich Studio is designed to help our customers build their future fragrance and food & beverage creations faster, smarter and more responsibly than ever before.


This single platform provides customers with simple, instantaneous access to our detailed product information as well as updates on projects, sample requests, and key regulatory documentation.


Available 24/7, Firmenich Studio offers tailored service to B2B customers of all sizes and markets, allowing them to advance their project in a few clicks. Clients can login to get inspired and submit a new project brief from anywhere at any time. Even on the go.



“Firmenich Studio is an important milestone and foundation to our digital transformation journey. Part of a larger end-to-end ecosystem, this new collaboration platform provides our customers access to more data and consumer insights at their fingertips. This also enables our customers to stay ahead of the ever-changing consumer demands and increases speed and accuracy.” – Eric Saracchi, Chief Digital and Information Officer


Accelerating the company’s Digital Transformation, Diet Transformation and Positive Perfumery ambitions, Firmenich Studio is a transversal system. Interconnected with the full suite of Firmenich digital tools and systems, such as our proprietary EcoScent Compass™ which drives increased transparency and traceability in fragrance creation, Firmenich Studio enables smarter fragrance and taste creation with positive impact for people and planet. Similar capabilities for creation in Taste & Beyond will be rolled out in the coming months.



Emmanuel Butstraen


“Guided by a customer-centric obsession and commitment to deliver value, Firmenich Studio is designed with our clients’ needs at the heart of the experience. The platform opens up new opportunities with the types of content we can offer, from on-demand trend videos and market insights with infographics all the way to exclusive multimedia digital sensory experiences that help our customers imagine different possibilities.”

Ilaria Resta,
President Perfumery


Emmanuel Butstraen


“Firmenich Studio is an important milestone in our continuous efforts to create the most efficient, valuable and inspiring experience for our customers. This revolutionary new online system opens up new digital-first possibilities to share inspiring content and marketing materials, instantly creating new business opportunities.”

Emmanuel Butstraen,
President Taste & Beyond

Studio Perfumery Products

On this connected platform, our customers will experience a one-stop-shop for all their needs, including:


  • Access exclusive inspirational market trends & insights for new business opportunities
  • Explore Firmenich's product catalogue and regulatory documentation
  • Start a new project digitally and see updates on progress
  • Instantly contact Firmenich experts

Firmenich Studio is available now. Interested in signing up? Begin by selecting your area of business, or contact your Firmenich Account Manager.