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Citrus represents a universe unto itself. From the ubiquitous orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit to the more uncommon mandarin, clementine, yuzu and tangerine, there is always something new to discover.

The World of Citrus

Firmenich scientists and flavorists are continually exploring the intimate secrets of citrus fruits, from the peel to the juice to the seeds and more. We can deliver the sweetness, flavor and zing of freshly squeezed juice so that your products surprise the consumer with an incomparable sensory experience.


With more than 1,200 flavor products covering all profiles and tonalities, Firmenich offers a differentiated and innovative portfolio of citrus solutions. With four Citrus Centers (Lakeland, Florida; São Paulo; Geneva; Shanghai) we benefit from a global innovation network, which is further enhanced by regional creation capabilities.

Citrus Lemon Drink

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We work together with our customers to create winning citrus flavored beverages through:

Unique Products

Our flavor and fragrance knowledge provides a creative approach to new product development.

Sustainable Solutions

We recognize the importance of providing citrus fruits for the global population, so we invest in programs to grow more fruits as well as offer alternate solutions for great citrus taste experiences.

Fresh Taste

Our unique flavor technologies produce the optimal flavor stability products need during their expected shelf-life.

Masking Skills

Firmenich flavorists are skilled in creating flavor systems that can mask unpleasant off-notes resulting from ingredients added to base products.

Orange NextGen

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Orange is one of the most preferred flavors around the world. It is often linked to our childhood and no matter where it goes, people simply love it.


At Firmenich, in the region of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, we engage in strategic partnerships to support smallholder citrus growers and work together at source with farming families. Together, we are sustainably sourcing the best qualities of the world-famous Valencia oranges for our creators, customers and consumers to enjoy.

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