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Our Jasmine grandiflorum from India Achieves UEBT’s Highest Rating for Ethical Sourcing


Our Jasmine grandiflorum from India has been verified by UEBT, the Union for Ethical Biotrade, as ethically sourced, one of the most demanding ratings based on both social and environmental criteria.


This recognition from UEBT demonstrates the effectiveness of our actions in India and our clear plan for the next three years to promote responsible sourcing. Our responsible sourcing teams and our local partner, Jasmine Concrete, are driving this initiative, which is empowering the 240 smallholders we work with in the region, preserving biodiversity, tackling climate change, and ensuring a living wage.  


A joint-venture partner of Firmenich since 2014, Jasmine Concrete is the largest manufacturer of floral extract in India. The company has been sourcing jasmine flowers from smallholder farmers for more than 15 years and working closely with them on transparent sourcing and finance, technology, and other farming services.


Together with Jasmine Concrete, and as part of our responsible sourcing policy, we are building on a long-term partnership with jasmine farmers in India by implementing the following steps:


  • Supporting farmers economically

We negotiate a fair annual contract with the farmers, independent of market price fluctuations, to guarantee them a living wage. We also train them to adopt regenerative agricultural practices.


  • Preserving biodiversity

An action plan ensures that farmers adopt good practices to protect and promote endemic species. Every jasmine farm has also incorporated composting processes and can now proudly claim to be plastic-free, through collaboration with a government-run waste management system.


  • Fighting climate change

We are providing support for farmers to use water efficiently by adapting drip irrigation and proactively collecting rainwater. On the processing front, Jasmine Concrete’s plant now has a robust rainwater collection system and has started investing in solar energy.


Our action in India is just one example of how we are actively driving responsible sourcing.


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