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A New Path to Well-being


Firmenich’s SereniClean® program goes beyond hygiene.

There’s a new movement on the rise – and it hates clutter. Since the pandemic, people have become more aware of their living spaces and have evolved their cleaning processes from a dreaded chore into a calming ritual. In fact, a recent study showed that 81% of consumers view cleanliness and hygiene in a more central role in their daily lives, while, at the same time, aiming to achieve feelings of safety and serenity.1 It’s no wonder that social media has quickly picked up on this trend and given birth to “cleanfluencers” on #CleanTok, which has racked up more than 65 billion views. All over the world, viewers are obsessed about watching people clean, getting tips and tricks, and transforming their homes into spaces of serenity and self-care.


The connection between cleanliness and both mental health and well-being has been thoroughly researched. Various studies have shown that clutter can increase stress levels and lead to lack of focus, while cleaning can give you a sense of control and have a calming effect on your mind, together with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.2 All good things that can convince anyone to pick up a mop and get started on spring cleaning season. But if you’re still not 100% sold, then think about this: clean can now smell like your favorite fragrance. With the new olfactive codes of Firmenich’s SereniClean® program, which generates a comforting and pleasurable feeling, homes can now be clean while smelling wonderfully delightful.


Beyond Hygiene

The Emotion of Clean

Consumers’ demands have evolved the codes of clean. The new codes have transformed this once functional act into something ritualistic, conscious and modern. Firmenich delivers each of these dimensions through SereniClean®, a consumer-driven, ongoing program that brings innovative solutions to answer the new codes of clean. Thanks to Firmenich’s invaluable consumer insights, our creative teams worked on uncovering and defining these new olfactive codes of clean. Firmenich perfumers can now create augmented fragrances that bring the reassurance of protection to consumers, by combining these codes with fragrance technologies known to have antibacterial properties together with benefits that promote wellness.

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SereniClean® is based on three key pillars: consumer understanding, olfactive decode, and fragrance ingredients and technologies, allowing the program to deliver benefit-driven fragrances. As with Firmenich’s key innovations, a deep understanding of consumer demands and expectations provide the jumping-off point for this program. Ongoing research tracks and decodes what consumers need when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Through studies, such as the Firmenich proprietary New Next Now Barometer research tool, their research and development teams can anticipate evolving expectations and translate these into concrete olfactive codes and product solutions. The olfactive codes then pave the way towards creating fragrances that include the benefits expected by consumers.













Going beyond hygiene, SereniClean®-powered fragrances deliver clean and emotional fragrance hedonics, combined with innovative ingredients and technologies, such as DeodAcil™ AB (a fragrance technology known to deliver antibacterial benefit) and EmotiWaves® (natural ingredients shown to elicit emotion and are neuroscientifically validated). Crisp and fresh aromatics, delicate florals, cozy woods, voluminous and balanced notes, among others, are blended with carefully selected ingredients and natural essential oils that are known to have both antibacterial and relaxing properties. Imagine cleaning products with benefit-driven fragrances that can clean homes, leave living spaces smelling beautiful and bring a sense of well-being, too.


We always speak about the power of fragrance, now combine that with the power of cleaning and there’s another path to well-being to be explored. Now, who’s ready to pick up that mop?



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