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Malodor control

Improved odor experience and reassurance

Odor control and freshness are necessities in many aspects of consumers’ lives. They are intrinsic requirements for almost all fragrances designed in products to manage malodor issues in the home, in the gym, while driving, when shopping, when travelling and more.

Malodor Control

Our comprehensive consumer research studies confirm again and again that odor removal and protection are key product expectations, no matter consumer provenance or product application. Brands that can deliver odor removal and protection greatly improve consumer appreciation, reassurance and satisfaction.


By harnessing ingredients developed through our breakthrough science program based on Receptor Biology for advanced molecular engineering, our malodor counteraction technologies address a range of relevant malodor problems to enhance performance as well as sensorial delight.


Odor removal and protection





Our DeodArome® malodor counteraction technologies are underpinned by a strong pipeline of new innovations that result from our Research programs and external partnerships. These technologies enable a range of malodor management mechanisms, including microbial control before malodor formulation, perceptual odor blending, or receptor blocking once the malodor has formed.

Malodor Control

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