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Achieve Fresh, Juicy, Authentic Taste with FreshSlice®

Formulating fresh tasting, authentic foods and beverages, naturally, is now easier than ever.

For the love of Citrus

Consumers worldwide love citrus flavors because they are refreshing, energizing and often associate citrus with health boosting benefits. In fine fragrance and home care, consumers relate citrus products with happiness, freshness and cleanliness.


According to Mintel GNPD, in 2020 when it comes to food and beverages, lemon and orange are still in the top five fruit flavor choices in current and new product introductions, followed by lime and grapefruit. Other exotic varieties like mandarin, clementine, yuzu and tangerine are also rising in popularity as consumers seek novel sensory experiences.


Flavor of the Year 2021
Lime Beverage

The Solution

Introducing FreshSlice™

As leaders in creating concentrated citrus products and flavor systems of unmatched taste performance we created FreshSlice®. FreshSlice® is a proprietary collection of citrus oils for flavors that delivers unique freshness, juiciness and true-to-fruit taste at a competitive cost in use.

FreshSlice® citrus oils are created using a delicate extraction process that results in fresher, true-to-fruit flavor profile. This gentle processing technique, preserves precious characteristics of the oil, reducing off notes and increasing freshness and juiciness. FreshSlice® Lime, Lemon and Orange contain less terpenes than traditional cold pressed oils achieving superior clarity in beverages with great taste. And unlike ethanol washes, typically used in clear beverages, FreshSlice® has higher flashpoint minimizing handling concerns.


Flavors created with FreshSlice® taste juicier and fresher with brighter aromatics and true-to-fruit nuances of peel and fruit flesh notes; all of which are pleasing to the taste palette. Make market winning flavors by starting with FreshSlice®.

Key Benefits


  • True-to-Fruit Taste
  • Fresh, Juicy Flavor
  • Superior Clarity
  • High Solubility
  • Clean Label
  • Favorable Extract Labeling
  • Improved Flashpoint
  • Kosher, Halal, Non-GMO

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