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Step 5

Create Trust & Delight

Create fragrance solutions that deliver trust and delight responsibly



Consumers today are more than ever drawn to living memorable experiences. We learned from our Conscious Consumer research that 86% of consumers globally declare that fragrance brings pleasure to their lives.
Creativity is still essential; beautiful fragrances align and enhance the overall experience for consumers. Perfumers play an important role in ensuring delivery of an emotional, sensorial experience that delivers on this promise, while simultaneously being sustainable.

Responsible Fragrance Solutions

ScentForGood™ Collection

This essential step in our program relies on our perfumers’ talent and mastery to create tailor-made fragrances with sensorial experiences for both pleasure and naturalness that delight consumers and build trust, while protecting the planet, people and society. Launched in January 2019, the ScentForGood™ collection now includes over 300 eco-designed fragrances, which comply with the desired claims and safety regulations, and thrill today’s uncompromising conscious consumers.


Create for Good