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Flavor of the Year 2022


Firmenich’s 2022 Flavor of the Year, called Magical Botanical, draws its inspiration from the latest Pantone® Color of the Year 2022, Very Peri, and the transformative power and magical nature of botanicals, ushering in a new era for inspired flavor creation.



Transforming Consumer Expectations

Our Human Insights surveys show clear indicators that consumers have become considerably more creative at home in the kitchen, learning to work with and combine nature’s most aromatic and culinarily relevant plants to create unexpected food and drink experiences.


Today’s consumer is hungry for more interesting and complex flavors, such as Magical Botanical, which contain benefits that go beyond single hero ingredients.
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Human Insights

In the most recent wave of Firmenich’s global consumer tracking across 22 countries, the top 3 behavior changes noted by consumers during the past year were...

Cooking Family

“Made a major improvement in cooking ability”

Woman Cooking

“Became more passionate about food overall”


“Increased use of herbs & spices”

Emmanuel Butstraen
"To help serve the consumer-driven diet transformation with food & beverages that are better for people and planet, we aimed to develop a creation which embodies this transformation."

Emmanuel Butstraen, President, Taste & Beyond

The Botanical Flavor Market

Botanical Tea


New Product Launches

Botanical Beverage

Most Popular Categories

Hot Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Baked Goods

Botanical Savory


CAGR Since 2017

Botanical Confectionary Cupcake

Categories on the Rise

Sauces, Snacks, Juices, Confectionary, Desserts

Source: Firmenich Proprietary Flavor Knowledge Portal, fueled by Mintel GNPD data, leveraging more than ten years’ worth of data across millions of launched products to uncover patterns and trends around food and beverage innovation.

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The Magical Botanical Collection

Firmenich Magical Botanical flavors were designed around a core of intriguing botanical ingredients and culinary herbs of natural origin and traceable sourcing known for their healing and immunity-supporting powers. Firmenich Creators paired these ingredients with dynamic elements of surprise and delight, transforming them into a collection of great-tasting flavors designed to inspire new creativity in a wide variety of applications.




Illusion Flavor


A flavor that invites complexity and depth with illusory taste.


Discover Illusion



Yukiko Ando Ovesen, Singapore

Mystic Flavor


A taste that enlivens and brightens


Discover Mystic



Sylvain Lauvaux, Belgium

Twilight Flavor


A taste that bewitches, evoking the intrigue of after dark.


Discover Twilight



Ana Laura Valdes, Mexico

Fantasy Flavor


A taste that gently energizes and harmonizes


Discover Fantasy



Ari Gastman, United States

Charm Flavor


A whimsical taste that suggests easy delight.


Discover Charm


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I want to learn more about the Firmenich Flavor of the Year...

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